We’re back with another fitness article just for you. So now we have you walking, moving more, and doing a few days of exercise. But wait there’s more! What would you say if we said going to the gym is not our favorite part of fitness? That’s right, our favorite part of fitness comes from going to the gym, but is actually the things we can do outside of the gym!

What do we mean by that? We mean going out and enjoying different activities, challenges, races, events, adventures with ease. Because we put a few hours a week in at the gym, we are able to tackle things like 10 mile hikes, rock wall climbing, snowboarding all day, hitting the trails on the mountain bike, or longboarding the streets of LA. Just kidding we’ve never actually been to LA. But my point is, sure we do bicep curls and burpees, but that gets us in the shape to be able to chase the kids around, enjoy the outdoors, or play a pickup basketball game, without being exhausted or embarrassed with our fitness.

So if the gym is not your thing, understand that the fitness gained from it, might just put you on the dirt trail a little better, more agile, and able to go longer. So get out there and enjoy your new found fitness, and who knows maybe you will find a new hobby you love! Until next time, get out there and Spread Love