Alright guys, back at ya with more fitness advice! This one is about consistency. Consistency is key. It’s all too often that we see people decide to change up their fitness routine, start a new fitness routine, or just start doing fitness altogether, who just go all in, full bore, a thousand miles an hour. They push harder, try harder, and just really go at it for a week or two. But than what? They get burned out. Their bodies are sore. They are tired, and they quit. ​  ​ Consistency will out do the full bore method anyday. It is not a routine that you need. It is not a new program that is going to make you reach your goals. Its consistency. Being 1 % better day in and day out making slow and steady progress, for a very long time. The ones that come flying out the gate are usually the ones not even in the game anymore when you will be crushing it. So take it slow. Learn the movements. Get the basics mastered. Enjoy the process. Have fun. Improve. With that we shall see ya at the gym!