So last week we told you that the labels on the front of packages really have zero laws or rules and manufacturers can pretty much put whatever they want on the front of the package. So today let’s talk about the back of the package. Where they store all the good information. The nutrition label and the ingredients list.  ​  ​ The nutrition label will tell us all the macronutrient breakdowns, the vitamins, minerals, and even sugar in the food. But the ingredients will tell us what is all in it. So reading these labels is very beneficial when it comes to shopping on the inside of the perimeter of the store. For instance, next time you go to buy green beans, look at all the different labels, from all the different brands. One will have green beans, salt, and water. The next one may have green beans, salt, sugar, calcium chloride, and water. See you thought you were doing good by buying canned vegetables, but they slipped in some other chemicals, and unneeded things into your can.  ​  ​ Be very mindful that the food manufacturers are only concerned with selling you food and making money. They are not concerned for your health, or anyone else’s. So read your labels, it is well worth seeing what is actually in your food.