Were back with another grocery shopping tip. Last month we talked about buying mostly whole foods. This week we want to talk about the things on the inside of the store, not the perimeter, that we still have to buy and how to pick the best ones. ​  ​ Today we will go over reading the labels on the front. Don’t put too much emphasis on the front of the labels, they are allowed to put pretty much anything they want on the front of a package as a way to get you to purchase it. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So gluten free, fat free, low carb, vegan etc are all popular things you will see on the front of packages today. That by no means means they are healthy or a better option than something else. Remember if it is packaged it is a processed food. ​  ​ So with that, stay tuned for next week, when we dig even deeper in to grocery shopping and how to pick those packaged and processed foods in the center aisle that are a bit more nutritious for us.