This week I’m going to change things up a bit. Usually I only write about fitness, healthy living, nutrition and weight loss. Today I am going to combine them all and talk about having a plan.

I don’t only mean planning your meals, your workouts, and your sleep schedule. I mean having a plan of exactly what you want, and how you are going to get there! If you are wanting a 6 pack, and are 40 pounds overweight, plan on 3 to 6 months to cut out the fat and really lean up, and closer to that 6 pack. If you are looking to put on 10 to 15 pounds of solid muscle, again probably 3 to 6 months for someone just starting out. The key is to have a plan.

So say you want a six pack in 6 months. That’s 24 weeks. You have approximately 40 pounds of fat to lose. That’s almost 7 pounds a month. Which is almost 2 pounds a week. Which is about a quarter of a pound a day. Now that is all rough math. But now you know exactly what you need to do to lose 40 pounds, and be well on your way to a six pack in 6 months. Or you can just keep “eating clean” and “working out” like you always have and hope for different results. Take action, make a plan, and absolutely crush it!