Last week in our paid Sunrise Accountability group that we run four our clients, we talked about meal planning so we thought we’d share a few of the important tips with you!

*Plan all your protein first. What you will have for protein at each meal and how much

    -That way you know exactly how much eggs, meat, fish etc you need to buy

*Plan your carbs next. What you will have for carbs at each meal and how much

    -This way you know how many potatoes, cups of rice, how much oatmeal etc

*Lastly figure out what you have remaining for fat. Fat is usually pretty used up by good sources of meat, and fish, and eggs, so usually you will just need to fill in a little bit to complete your menu

    -This way you know if avocados fit this week, or just a little peanut butter or olive oil will do the trick

Now that you have all that data you have a shopping list to take with you so you are not buying too much that will spoil, or not enough so you have to make rash decisions as the week closes out. We do all this Saturday morning before we hit the store, get everything we need for 7 days, and boom we are good to go for another week.

Try it out and let us know what you think!