Now that we know about our macros, or protein, carbs, and fat, what do we do with them. Well our macros make up our total calorie needs in a day. 1gram of protein is 4 calories. 1gram of carbs is 4 calories. 1gram of fats is 9 calories. So clearly fats pack over double the punch in calories that both protein and carbs do. Hence the reason a little fat goes a long way.

So a good macro split for just starting out is 30% protein, 40% carbs, 30% fat. That is a decent starting point and can be adjusted along the way. It is also a pretty well balanced split and allows you to eat a lot of different food items and options, to get a full spectrum of nutrients.

I know we have all heard about the low carb phase, so why more carbs? To be honest, not everything works for everyone, and again this is just a good starting point. But usually you have more carbs, especially if you are active, exercising, or moving a lot, because they are a quick source of energy for our bodies to burn and continue to give us what we need throughout the day in our workouts, at the rock wall, or out on the trail. So if you are good with carbs, it is good to have a little more for the fast energy source.