Last article we talked about being dehydrated, and one bite snacking, killing our weight loss. This week I want to talk about the one dreaded tool no one ever wants to talk about, the scale. All to often I hear people saying that the scale messes them up mentally. Or it causes them stress, or it just messes them up. So let’s talk about it.

For starters why do we use the scale? It is a reflection of our weight, at that given time, on that given day, for that given person. That is it. IT doesnt calculate how many good meals you ate, how many times you worked out, or how much blood, sweat, and tears you put in this week to taking your health back. So stop thinking that because it didn’t move, or it went up, or whatever that nothing is happening. IT IS. But don’t put so much emphasis on one unit of measurement.

Use the scale responsibly, or don’t use it at all. IF it causes you stress, stay clear of it for awhile. If it messes with you, set a day each week to weigh yourself and move on with it. If it’s a struggle stop feeding it and take some time away. But I will guarantee, if you are eating what you are supposed to, doing the exercise, and taking care of yourself, the scale will be showing you that consistently over time. Its when we put expectations on the scale to forgive us, or lie about weight that we get upset. Do the work, eat healthy, sleep well, drink water, and get the results